Quasi-Pagan Modern, Haegue Yang will be the special guest of Galeries Lafayette in Paris and also all around their shops in France in September.

Galeries Lafayette celebrates the new Autumn-Winter 2016 collections, with special guest artist, Haegue Yang from 26 August to 9 October. Under the motto of “Quasi-Pagan Modern“ Yang suggests hybrid motives, dare to clash between notions, such as folk vs modern, real vs mystic or geometric vs organic. Her work will be displayed in the windows as well as under the dome of the famous store on Boulevard Haussmann. Additionally there will be special autumn shopping bags with Yang’s motif.

Born in 1971 in Seoul, South Korea, Haegue Yang currently divides her time between Berlin and Seoul. Her work is striking in its originality and its complex juxtaposition of rigor and peculiar. It is based on the mirroring of civilizational references relating to social and political history and phenomena, as well as on a reinterpretation of archetypal forms from the avant-gardists, to produce a multifaceted contemporary expression. 

Paris : Yang will unveil «Quasi-Pagan Modern» in all windows of the Boulevard Haussmann, filling them with creations of both iconic and quotidian that echo the new Autumn-Winter collections. Underneath the dome at the very heart of the main store, Haegue Yang attempts to work with printed verticals for the first time. And also for the first time ever, an original work by a contemporary artist will grace Galeries Lafayette shopping bags and that approx.150,000 of special bags will be distributed to customers. 

France : One of the artist’s exclusive motif will also be displayed in more than 400 windows of the 51 stores* in the Galeries Lafayette chain during the same period. 

Galeries Lafayette is more determined than ever to provide a showcase for creative energy, to act as mediator between significant contemporary artists, young designers and the general public, and to provide a unique meeting arena that is open to everyone.

HAEGUE YANG x Galeries Lafayette
Quasi-Pagan Modern

26 August to 9 October 2016 

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40 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris  
Show windows and the dome in Haussmann store, Paris  
Galeries Lafayette store windows, France 

LINGERING NOUS at Centre Pompidou 
6 July – 5 September 2016 11 am to 9 pm  Forum 1 – Centre Pompidou, Paris 
The Centre Pompidou presents a new commission by Korean artist Haegue Yang, titled Lingering Nous at Forum, which is located in the heart of the iconic building next to her four video essays (2004-2009).